About Us

TrakVan.com develops web tools for musicians

Three guys walk into a Café ….. No, this is not the start of a classic joke, it’s the story of how TrakVan.com began.

Mezbah in Sydney’s Broadway has become our workshop, creative studio, IT centre and home away from home while we have been developing some of TrakVan.com best web tools for musicians.

It’s the place where we drink coffee, consume bacon and egg rolls and work out how
to provide independent musicians with the free-to-use tools that they need to help make it in the tough world of music.

And the classic joke? A man walks into a café with a duck on his head. The barista, who has seen everything, says what can I get you? The duck says for a start you can get this guy off my ass!

On a serious note. TrakVan.com is a software development team that makes web software for the music industry.

Besides this totally awesome web-service which lets artists and bands create their own album websites and embed music players onto their own website and facebook pages, TrakVan.com has also produced the MyBandName.com service. This is a tool that allows artists and bands to quickly check if their name is taken as a username at various major websites where they should be.