is the new way for artist to manage and sell their music. The application is available for free downloading.

RockSell Your Music Or Give It Away?

As an up and coming artist, you may be wondering whether to put your music out there for free or whether to start making some money from it now.

Nothing is really free. There is a cost to every artist in composing and recording their music.

So why give it away free? Some artists justify this by saying that it will gain them a larger audience, and this is true to a point. But what happens when you put out your next single or album? Will everyone keep expecting your music to be free? And will you then be left with just live performance income to support you?

All artists without a day job need income to keep going. Without income you’ll have to eventually be back to your day job.

That’s where comes in. The music player gives you a choice of letting fans listen to your music for free or activating the “Buy Button” if you want to start earning some money.

It’s your choice, but most people would prefer the money!